One More Shovel


“Only wood handles.  Never composite.  You need the right tools to get the job done right.”

Picking the right kind of shovel wasn't the only lesson that Everhardt "Ev" Katerberg’s children and grandchildren remembered learning from their hardworking dad and grandpa who started Katerberg Lawn Sprinkling in 1957.  When Ev’s boys were growing up, each of them learned how to use a shovel, digging ditches by hand for the company.  But it wasn't just about digging -- they also learned other valuable lessons in their time with their dad.

The foundation for a joy-filled life comes from faith in the Lord.

There’s nothing more important in the world than your family.

Support, love, and serve others.

Take pride in honest, hard work.  

His family honored this legacy at his funeral service at West Leonard Christian Reformed Church.  But it was the graveside service at Rosedale Memorial Park, with snow on the ground and a chill in the air, where his family honored Ev one final time

After the burial vault was lowered into the ground, the Katerberg family, starting with the "ditch-digging" sons, each grabbed hold of a shovel and one last time did what came so naturally to them:  they started digging.

Each person, in turn, grabbed a shovel and gently poured dirt into the grave of their father, grandfather, and great-grandfather.

They even brought small shovels for the youngest children.

Dirt, memories, and tears mingled together in this sacred space as they worked; a most fitting and appropriate tribute to honor the life of the man who taught them so much from holding a shovel.